Left is Right is the creative business of Stuart Wallace. I'm an app designer & developer based in Brighton, UK.


Mobile Applications

Create mobile & tablet apps for iOS and Android.


Design & develop video games in Unity.

Web Applications

Make HTML/Javascript web apps.

3D Modelling

Create interactive 3D models for apps.

QuestBall mobile game

2020 | Design, development and artwork

QuestBall is a fantasy sports tournament set in Medieval Britain. Its a fast-paced, single-touch mobile game that's a combination of tennis and an action RPG. The artwork is hand-drawn in Procreate and the game is built in Unity. QuestBall released June 2020 on iOS and Android, receiving TouchArcade Game of the Week and was featured by Apple in the App Store 'New games we love' section.

Download QuestBall
Genius™ Thermometry App

Genius™ App

2020-2021 | User interface design, 3d modelling & Unity development

Designed and built 'Genius™ Thermometry App' for Cardinal Health, an iOS and Android app providing an overview of tympanic temperature measurement and the Genius™ Thermometer. It was built in Unity with 3D models created in Blender.

Genius™ on App Store Genius™ on Google Play
University College London Economic Exposures Banner University College London Economic Exposures Intro University College London Economic Exposures Editorial Board University College London Economic Exposures Monograph

University College London

2019-2020 | Responsive web design & development

Designed and built 'Economic Exposures' website for University College London (UCL) Press, a single-page site to promote a series of books showcasing ethnographically-driven analyses of changing economic landscapes in Asia.

Omni® Hysteroscope 3D Model

Omni® Hysteroscope 3D models

2020-2021 | 3D modelling, animation and interaction

Created 3D models of surgical products for Hologic, to be used in an iOS marketing app. The models were built in Blender with interaction enabled by Apple's SceneKit framework, all contained in a React Native application.

Maverex Cost Model application Maverex Cost Model application Maverex Cost Model application

Cost Model Apps

2018-2021 | User interface design & React development

Designed and developed a series of web apps for Maverex. Built in ReactJS they model cost outcomes for use of healthcare products. They are for use in the browser, Vablet and Veeva content platforms.

The Clinical App NovaSure® 3D Model The Clinical App NovaSure® Cancer Clinical Papers The Clinical App MyoSure® 3D Model The Clinical App MyoSure® Clinical Papers


2016-2021 | User interface design & React Native development

Designed and built 'The CORE App' for Hologic, an iPhone and iPad sales tool based on clinical evidence of their products. The app includes summaries of clinical papers, product 3d models and a media archive. It was built with React Native and integrated with Firebase analytics and push notifications.

Working with you

I've worked as a consultant with large and small businesses since 2002. I can either collaborate as part of your team or lead your digital project.

Every project starts with research and planning, making sure to meet the goals of your business needs.

I'm comfortable in both creative and technical roles, typically working on design and development of a project.

Get in touch

Outside of COVID-19 lockdown I'm based in The Skiff, a coworking space in Brighton's North Laine, an amazing creative hub by the sea.

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss your next project.

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